Admission: Pre-Primary

Our admission procedures are designed to ensure a smooth and transparent process for prospective students and their families. To initiate the admission process, interested families have two options:

1. Use the online contact form to submit an interest, or
2. Call at our offices for a walkthrough

The minimum age for admission to pre-primary is 12 months and the maximum is 3 years.

Upon acceptance of the offer, families are required to complete the enrollment process by submitting the necessary paperwork including a signed enrollment agreement and payment of the applicable fees.

Throughout the admission process, our admissions team is available to assist families with any questions or concerns they may have and to provide guidance and support to ensure a positive and welcoming experience for both students and their families. We look forward to welcoming new students to the Cavendish Institute community and helping them embark on their educational journey towards excellence.

* Rates and Fees are available upon request.

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